Kitson Ugly Doll 2010 Ket Edition

Posted by collect3d, November 12th, 2009

Kitson Ugly Doll 2010 Kitson Ugly Doll 2010 Ket Edition

The first Ugly doll of 2010 is already available. This special edition of Ket is available only at the Kitson Shop and from the looks of things, 2010 is going to be anything but an ugly year for Kitson. Grab yours today viaKitson

Source: plasticandplush


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  1. josh says:

    here is a description for ket: ket must be obsessed with you. who? you! see? he has a lot in common but he also likes your money. he clings to it like metal to a magnet. see? future. it means it looks funny. live with ket. you are his only hope.

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