Buff Monsters “The Melty Misfits” Collectible Sticker Cards

Posted by collect3d, June 5th, 2012

buff monster the melty misfits collectible sticker cards 02 Buff Monsters The Melty Misfits Collectible Sticker Cards

Buff Monster has linked with Sidekick Labs to create a series of “The Melty Misfits” trading cards. Buff Monster, who was also a contributor to The Hundreds’ Garbage Pail Kids initiative, offers up a comprehensive homage to the iconic Topps character series through the collection. Each of the cards are offset printed and feature a kiss-cut, custom made sticker. True to the original mentality of the GPK stock, The Melty Misfits boast puzzles, checklists and reproductions of pencil sketches on the reverse side of the cards. One box set also has the opportunity of possessing a “Golden Ticket” which is good for the redemption of an original Buff Monster piece of art. Priced at $5 USD per pack or $120 USD for a complete box of 24 packs, the Buff Monster The Melty Misfits will be available as of 10AM PST, June 5 through or


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