Zincsaucier’s Magical Toy Photography

Posted by collect3d, January 7th, 2010

Zincsauciers Magical Toy Photography 1 Zincsauciers Magical Toy Photography

The talented toy-photographer Zincsaucier, has let his zest for designer toys manifest in his impressive portfolio. In his new set of pics, Zincsaucier uses nu-rave neon, transluscent hues, giving his collection a space age feel, but also creating a psychedelic visual treat. This combined with his interesting choice of designer-toy supermodels, many which are from the Itokin Park collection, brings about an interesting theme of wrestling, extraterrestrians, astronauts and bubbles. So, get ready to launch your rocket, and allow your mind to wander into Zincsaucier’s fantasy gallaxy.

Source: toybot studios


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