WowWee Roborover And Joebot

Posted by collect3d, October 1st, 2009

wowwee Roborover joebot  WowWee Roborover And Joebot

WowWee has finally unveiled its robo-buddies in the form of Roborover and Joebot. Whilst they were originally announced in January, it’s taken until now for these guys to become a reality – and that was time worth waiting, because these two are rad! The real kicker is that both Roborover and Joebot are remote controlled or can operate autonomously, and in the case of Roborover, can traverse rough terrain and inclines – epic. Although both are reasonably priced, there are also mini-figures available at a ridiculously low price so check out the full product details and grab one soon…

Source: Engadget


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