What-Did-I-Eat-Ephunt by Amanda Visell

Posted by collect3d, August 2nd, 2010

What Did I Eat Ephunt by Amanda Visell 01 What Did I Eat Ephunt by Amanda Visell

Amanda Visell‘s latest vinyl piece, the What-Did-I-Eat-Ephunt is nearly upon us! The toys are done, and all that’s left is for us to wait for the release party! Four hungry beasts in this series have been identified – 500 Big City pieces, 200 Natural Habitat, 100 Switcheroo-exclusive warriors, and an unknown number of Jamboree pieces will be made available when these creatures release at the Switcheroo Workshop on August 14th.

Switcheroo Workshop
543 b South Raymond,
Pasedena, CA
91105, USA

Source: Vinyl Pulse


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