Veik’s Custom Lady Gaga Barbies

Posted by collect3d, January 5th, 2010

Lady Gaga Sponge Bob Barbie Veiks Custom Lady Gaga Barbies

Veik, the 29 year old doll-enthusiast from Beijing, is Gaga for pop queen Lady Gaga! So, it’s not unexpected that he went all Frankenstein on his Mattel Barbie collection, modifying each doll into a mini Gaga clone. The outcome is astonishing, as the mastery involved for the elaborate details produced out of everyday materials, seems to have taken many hours of dedication. In fact, all the bases were covered and nothing had been forgotten to recreate the superstar’s avant-garde fashion cravings — everything from her Alexander McQueen lobster claw heels from the Bad Romance video, to the Minnie Mouse sunglasses from Paparazzi, and even the red face veil and spiked crown from the MTV awards (not to mention, the many hair pieces and extensions). Veik’s has us all wondering if any are for sale…


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  1. Jetza says:

    wow… how do you do all that tiny little clothes? XD U rock!

  2. Ellis Camaj says:

    I really adore Lady Gaga and her unusual costumes although she definitely let herself down now being seen out in see through underwear.

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