Toy2R Qeeology 2.5 Show

Posted by collect3d, April 20th, 2010

Toy2R Qeeology 2.5 Show Toy2R Qeeology 2.5 Show

Toy2R is 15, and they’re justifiably excited, staging a number of shows, including Qeeology 2.5, to celebrate! Qeeology 2.5 is part of Toy2R’s world tour in celebration of it’s fifteen years, and it’ll feature customs Qees by dozens of world-renowned artists! Wow! Fifteen years! Can you believe it? It only seems like yesterday, that Toy2R were taking their first steps – soon it’ll start asking to borrow the car, and then we’ll have to wave goodbye as Toy2R heads off for college!

Well, get your fix now, at Qeeology 2.5, which will be at Marz in Lincoln, Nebraska on May 7th, 2010!

1140 O Street
Lincoln, NE


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