Tim Biskup x Nike ‘Virus’ GID Zvezdochkas

Posted by Jeremy Brautman, September 14th, 2009

biskupxnike Tim Biskup x Nike Virus GID Zvezdochkas

Very few people have the opportunity to make a signature version of their favorite Nike kicks. Being an aesthete as opposed to an athlete decreases those odds even more. But Tim Biskup is not your average artist. According to Tim’s blog, he was having dinner with Nike CEO Matt Parker when Matt suggested he do a colorway of Marc Newson’s ‘Zvezdochkas’. Tim inquired if the sneakers could be made in a GID rubber recalling the spotted ‘Virus’ Rangeas figure he designed with T9G earlier this year. As the story goes, Matt’s response was, “I don’t see why not.” Flash forward about six months when Biskup received a big box of the Nikes you see pictured here. Even if you think you can pull this look off, it’s unlikely you’ll get the chance to put it on. Only ten pairs were made, and Tim is giving them out to friends. If you are patient and philanthropic, bear in mind these parting words, “one pair will go up for auction at some point to benefit some righteous cause.”


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