Thunderpanda’s Lemi The Space Wanderer

Posted by collect3d, April 30th, 2010

Thunderpandas Lemi The Space Wanderer 01 Thunderpandas Lemi The Space Wanderer

Thunderpanda‘s Lemi the Space Wanderer has touched down in North America, and its exclusive distributor for the continent, Tenacious Toys, has been kind enough to send one over! Well the delivery of this toy didn’t disappoint. Lemi came in a really beautiful screenprinted bag, and came with a special Lemi fridge magnet and pin.

Lemi himself (herself? itself?) is really well constructed. The material is soft, the stuffing is full, and it doesn’t feel like Thunderpanda skimped out at any stage of construction. The press around this toy says it’s a handmade plush, and we can believe it. The seams are carefully finished, and feel solid, while the embroidery work is some of the best we’ve ever seen on a plush. A really beautiful piece that can anchor any plush collection easily. If you’d like to put your orders in, Tenacious Toys still has plenty in stock at their online store!


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