Tesselate’s Oakorian Battle Corps

Posted by collect3d, June 15th, 2010

Tesselates Oakorian Battle Corps 01 Tesselates Oakorian Battle Corps

Tesselate just won’t let up, will he? First the PO! PO! twins, then Klik and Klak, and then Metlex One? Now he’s dropping the Oakorian Battle Corps on us, a set of three one-off toys. Each Battle Corps members measures 4cm tall, with the mech sitting at 10.5cm. Each pilot also comes with a his own plush battle hq / sleeping quarters that is clearly repurposed from a Marmite jar. It’s pretty appropriate though, as Tesselate explains:

The Oakorian Battle Corps are the elite divisions of the Oakorian Assault League, but they never go to battle. The Oakorian homeworld has been at peace for the last 17 million years, so the Battle Corps don’t have much to do apart from polish their mechs and eat marmite on toast, with either orange juice or tea.

These little guys drop on June 21st, at 6PM BST, on the Tessetoys site. Each of the three will run £26.


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