TazX’s ‘Rusty Robot’ Dunnys

Posted by collect3d, January 19th, 2010

Tazx RustyRabbits img 2 TazXs Rusty Robot Dunnys

Aspiring artist TazX, first got our attention with his robotic ZÔôpi customs, and now he’s back with these custom ‘Rusty Robots,’ which are Dunnys modified with resin. TazX’s ‘Dunny #2′ has a red head piece, scar on the right cheek and an etched out heart on the back of its head, while his companion ‘Dunny #1′ has had its ears dipped in gold and sports an eerie skeleton face. One thing is for certain, with all the rustic gold, iron and brass tone, and their distressed texture, the Rusty Dunnys have got us screaming with fear…

Source: Tomopop


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