Suckadelic’s Remaining 2009 Bootleg Figures

Posted by collect3d, January 11th, 2010

Suckadelic 2009 Bootleg 1 Suckadelics Remaining 2009 Bootleg Figures

Suckadelic is the multi-media company based in New York City, and consists of one evil genius, who is helped by his loyal followers in various film, art, music and toy creation projects. Most consist of bootlegging figurines though. And while we were all busy mingling during the holiday season, Suckadelic was invading the world with the release of his remaining old school bootleg figures: Wicked Meta, Eros and Bad Acid. The comic book inspired characters, which include a robot, superhero and heartbreaking goddess, are enclosed in eye-popping packaging that won’t make a return this year (even though, there are rumors that the special packaging may be re-issued next year), so you might want to grab them while you can.


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