Stephen J. Shanabrook – Chocolate Covered Toy Soldiers

Posted by collect3d, September 25th, 2009

shanbrook soldiers 142 Stephen J. Shanabrook   Chocolate Covered Toy Soldiers

Stephen J. Shanabrook presents ‘Battle of Losers and Lovers’ an installation featuring common plastic toy soldiers covered in dark chocolate. The installation is on display at the Daneyal Mahmood Gallery in New York City, where you can expect a flooding aroma of sweet scents in contrast to the war scene on display.

From the show’s press release: Shanabrook remembers reading an account of a field medic from the Vietnam War. “He was explaining what he carried with him in his medic satchel, these bare necessities as he called them included: gauze, morphine, tape, comic books and M&Ms. The candies were for the mortally wounded soldiers, the ones that would never make it to the field hospitals. For these soldiers the candy was a way to satisfy a simple desire to feel closer to home, before they slipped away into that unknown jungle.”

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