Society6′s ‘One Way Or Another’

Posted by collect3d, March 29th, 2010

Society6s One Way Or Another 01 Society6s One Way Or Another

Society6 is staging a sequel to its wildly successful ‘Smile On Your Brother’ project – this time called ‘One Way Or Another’. Last summer’s ‘Smile On Your Brother’ featured over 50 artist-designed skateboards travelling across Canada as an art show, raising money to provide skateboards to disadvantaged Canadian youths.

This year’s ‘One Way Or Another’ project seeks to raise money for the same cause by selling skateboards, t-shirts and other merchandise designed by a carefully selected pool of applicants. Check out these images of last year’s designs, and head over here to read up on the this year’s project. Or if you’re the contributing type, head here to apply as an artist!


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