Sleepwalker Nimbus: Kurobokan X Christopher Douglass

Posted by William Flourance, December 9th, 2014

IMG 1550 Sleepwalker Nimbus: Kurobokan X Christopher Douglass Kurobokan and Chris “Topheroy” Douglass have teamed up to drop a short run of these ultra-colorful French Bulldog kaijus. Limited to 10 pieces per color, these are expected to drop sometime this month. To snag your very own sofubi Sleepwalker you should keep tabs on Kurobokan’s online store These are definitely going to sell out quick! No word on pricing yet, but based on previous painted releases you can expect to shell out at least $85, perhaps more. Kurobokan is a promising emerging face in the designer vinyl scene. Though they have limited product out there, they are already joining the top ranks with one-off pieces to be featured in Toy Art Gallery, and a sold out 10-piece set painted by kaiju master Mark Nagata.


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