Sergey Safonov’s Godot

Posted by collect3d, May 1st, 2010

Sergey Safonovs Godot Sergey Safonovs Godot

One of modern theatre’s true masterpieces gets the toy treatment, with this Godot toy, designed by Sergey Safonov. A true masterpiece of absurdist theatre, Waiting for Godot examines man and his meaning inside of a senseless universe. As Vladimir and Estragon wait for the titular Godot, the waiting becomes self-examination and a reflection of a life spent waiting for meaning.

Don’t you think this toy just captures those feelings?

Jokes aside, this piece is a wonderful tribute to the Beckett masterpiece, and will be made in association with Crazy Label, due for a late May release.

Source: SpankyStokes


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