Secret Demon Services: Smalmack “Anatomy” Version

Posted by William Flourance, December 18th, 2014

image 274x300 Secret Demon Services: Smalmack Anatomy Version

Secret Demon Services has an extremely limited run of its sinister-looking Smalmack figures dropping tomorrow at noon in their online store.  Priced at $70, this short-notice drop is bound to disappear quickly much like the last three sold-out releases.  This edition is cast in clear vinyl and is the first to include hand-cut illustrations of Smalmack’s internal workings.  It is very pleasing to see SDS adding to the list of unique features for each release. Four releases in and they have already done accessories, glow in the dark vinyl, and now cardboard inserts. This is very rewarding for die-hard collectors and incredibly promising for future releases!


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