Sander Reijgers ‘Football’ Creations

Posted by collect3d, January 27th, 2010

SanderReijgers footballcreations img 1 Sander Reijgers Football Creations

Fine Arts sculptor Sander Reijgers hails from Utrecht, Netherlands and his provocative ‘Football’ creations would suggest he has a lot of time and money on his hands, not to mention an imagination run wild. Who would think to create footballs, or anything else for that matter, out of blow-up sex dolls, really? What a bizarre medium. Anyway, he seems to have a knack for making odd, sport-related ‘sculptures’ from sex doll parts, most especially the vagina opening. It takes all types to make the world go around, doesn’t it…


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  1. laura sweet says:

    You can see what inspired these by seeing all of designer Sander Reijger’s Sex Doll Hoodies here:

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