Rocket World x Lana Crook Plush Titus

Posted by collect3d, December 21st, 2009

Rocket World x Lana Crook Plush Titus Rocket World x Lana Crook Plush Titus

Artist, designer, and all-around cool lady Lana Crook has sewn three extremely limited edition plush Titus dolls for Rocket World. So limited in fact, that these three are the only three to ever be made! No word yet on when they’ll be available for sale, but Lana has just said goodbye to them, and shipped them to Rocket World, so you’ll not see any of these under the tree this weekend. Each comes shipped with a small skull and is the size of a ‘small child’, according to Crook.

Source: SpankyStokes


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  1. I have never heard of lana crook until this site – I have just spent the last two house obsessing over nearly everything she has done.

    I find her style not only interesting but unique and I hope she continues to be awesome in every way.

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