Robert De Castro Panzer Ace

Posted by collect3d, September 17th, 2009

RobertDeCastro PanzerAce img 1 Robert De Castro Panzer Ace

Robert De Castro has released images of the resin casts for his upcoming Panzer Ace figure. Slated for 2010 release, this is his second offering under the Atomic Mushroom banner but the 8-inch figure, limited to 250 pieces, is somewhat larger than the Combat-R Zero model we saw previously. What makes this release significantly important is that Robert De Castro is truly independent – Atomic Mushroom is a self-financed operation and is doing just fine. Great news for the entrepreneurial set. Keep and eye on the blogosphere as news on this and other Atomic Mushroom developments come to light…


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  1. Robert De Castro says:

    Hi Guys and Gals,

    Thank you Collect3d for the great write up. I just stumbled on it just today. Let me just clarify what seems to be a perception generated by the photos I took of the resin proto. Panzer Ace is not bigger than Combat R Zero. The top of Panzer Ace’s head (without the blade) just about lines up with Combat r Zero’s head (with out the fins). Side by side they will look about as big. I’m looking at some paint samples coming back from the factory and I’m confident that our new approach to painting our toys will really knock you sock off. Stay tuned to our Atomic Mushroom toys website for more details as they arrive.

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