The Pick Of The Crab ‘Ensemble Project’

Posted by collect3d, March 5th, 2010

PickOfTheCrab Ensemble IMG5 The Pick Of The Crab Ensemble Project

The Chilean artistic collective known as Pick of the Crab has created an innovative and creative paper toy series known as the ‘Ensemble Project.’ The toys, a series of wonderfully illustrated characters, have unique Tetris-esque shapes that allow for any or all of the individual figures to be combined in a number of patters; the result is a work of art with countless possibilities for assembly in terms of both color and shape. The ‘Ensemble Project’ is a unique take on paper toys; demonstrating the talent and creativity of the ‘Pick of the Crab’ artists.


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  1. fiskal says:

    Thanks for showing our work

  2. Cicleto says:

    simple ideas are the best,great job,reminds of ouroboros

  3. Lits says:

    they look awesome, i wish i could see them upclose, are there forsale online anywhere??

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