Little Odd Forest’s Bags and Accessories

Posted by collect3d, January 25th, 2010

LittleOddForest img 2 Little Odd Forests Bags and Accessories

Linda Lye is an artisan from the Little Odd Forest, who’s hand-crafting all sorts of textile creations like bags, wallets and even passport holders, inspired by whimsical forest creatures and vegetation. You can get all her creations via the Little Odd Forest site, and there’s plenty to chose from. For example, there’s the ‘Woodlands Purse’ — made out of denim, cotton and twill — that emulates a tree trunk with leaves. Or what about the ‘Hoot the Owl’ bag that’s flower-strewn and features a Manga-eyed owl? Best of all, Linda brings us these quirky ‘Passport Foille Monster’ passport holders in pale yellow, green and light blue, which are reminiscent of toy characters, with their beady eyes and tongues sticking-out.

Source: IHeartCoolStuff


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