Noferin’s ‘Pecanpals’ Plush

Posted by collect3d, January 11th, 2010

Noferin PecanPals Plush Collection 11 Noferins Pecanpals Plush

Nick and Candy aka Noferin is the duo that previously brought us the famous ‘Jijibuts’, now they deliver a plush collection called ‘Pecanpals.’ These big-eared 13-inch toys are colored like jellybeans and come in nine variations based on their unique personalities outlined on their respective biotags. There are writers, inventors, adventurers, wildlife researchers, sailors, and even magicians in the collection. Some come with bows or bowties, messenger bags or aprons, so it’s easy to spot a companion with whom you are compatible. Just don’t forget that opposites attract, too…

Source: toysrevil


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