NeverCrew ‘Hangselm’

Posted by collect3d, March 17th, 2010

NeverCrew HangSelm IMG2 NeverCrew Hangselm

Swiss artistic collective NeverCrew, creative vehicle for Pablo Togni and Christian Rebecchi, has created a whimsical series of paper toys known as ‘Hangselm.’ The characters, the first of a larger series, feature the ability to hang from nearly any surface you can think of, adding to the elements of playfulness and personality already apparent in their design. With the intention of bringing in other artists and collaborators, NeverCrew’s ‘Hangselm’ family looks like it will be hanging around for some time.


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  1. Nevercrew says:

    Thank you for writing about Hangselm! This is really a nice article and we’re really glad about that! If you’re interested, here is Hangselm’s website:

  2. Nevercrew says:

    hi there!

    There are 7 new Hangselms on Hangselm’s website!
    The second series is goin on! Check it out!

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