Neon Monster x Reuben Rude x Lauren Venell’s ‘Mitch’ Plush

Posted by collect3d, January 25th, 2010

ReubenRude NeonMonster img 1 Neon Monster x Reuben Rude x Lauren Venells Mitch Plush

Neon Monster presents ‘Mitch,’ its latest collaborative release from Reuben Rude and Lauren Venell. This character is based on Neon Monster’s gigantic sculpture that was displayed at Art Basel, and can now be purchased via Neon Monster retailers. The soft version of Mitch is currently available in either albino pink or gray recycled fleece. Don’t miss out on this 14-inch cyclops. with its well-define body and bean-bag bottom – it will make both kids and adults shout with joy…


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