Mori Chack’s ‘Gloomy Bear’ Zipper Pulls

Posted by collect3d, December 10th, 2009

Kid robots gloomy zipper pulls Mori Chacks Gloomy Bear Zipper Pulls

Mori Chack is the Osaka-born graphic designer who solidifies the ‘cute but evil’ concept, with his ‘Gloomy Bear’ zipper creation for Kidrobot. Based on the idea that animals and humans can’t get along, Gloomy bear can often get beastly, which explains why some of the zipper bears are muzzled, but don’t be afraid to aim for peace. Let him claw along on your worldly adventures (he’s only an inch tall, so it’s not like he’ll weigh much). And, there are plenty of bears to choose from: the black, green-eyed Gloomy, the albino, or the bubblegum pink version. Remember, the bear pack will migrate to Kidrobot stores in January.

Source: KRronikle


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