Lulubell Robbed! Help Needed

Posted by collect3d, March 9th, 2010

lulubell robbed kozik RxH mutant evil Lulubell Robbed! Help Needed

Lulubell seeks the keen eyes of fellow toy enthusiasts and collectors, especially those in the US, to aid in the recovery of three highly limited figures lifted from Lulubell Toy Bodega in the early hours of Monday, March 8th. The missing figures include the majestic 3-foot Kozik x RxH Mutant Evil (pictured above), the green Rumble Monsters x PopSoda 7th Anniversary Damnedron (below).

lulubell robbed rumblemonsters popsoda damnedron Lulubell Robbed! Help Needed
and the 8-inch PopSoda Boon Boon Skallman (below).

lulubell robbed popsoda boonboon skallman Lulubell Robbed! Help Needed

Please keep watch for these missing figures on eBay and various toy boards, because Lulubell is desperate to recover these prized toys. Any info can be forwarded to Amy:

Source: Cluttermagazine


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