Lego Steampunk Tank

Posted by collect3d, November 5th, 2009

Lego Steampunk Tank 1 Lego Steampunk Tank

This Lego Steampunk Tank by Iomero is just absolutely astonishing. Never mind the fact that he had to design it himself, find all those grey pieces (which is a challenge unto itself), but it also opens up to reveal a period-appropriate Lego tank crew. Lego’s one of those truly under-appreciated products, that entrenches itself in our hearts when young then never really leaves. Regardless, this is an amazing bit of design and work from a fellow Lego addict.

Source: Tomopop


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  1. Voinescu Marius says:

    Your words are very true Collecter Lego never leaves use, and this is a very nice piece of work top marks from me id really like to own sutch a piece my self.

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