Krista Huot ‘Nepenthe’ At Gallery 1988 San Fransisco

Posted by collect3d, January 6th, 2010

Nepenthe 1988 gallery upcoming exhibit1 Krista Huot Nepenthe At Gallery 1988 San Fransisco

Starting from January 10th, 2010 up until the end of the month, Gallery1988 San Fransisco will be showcasing works by the Canadian artist Krista Huot. This fairytale themed collection is entitled “Nepenthe”, meaning “the one that chases away sorrow” in Greek, and will surely have an uplifting effect on the gallery visitors. Having roamed around the British Columbian forests during her childhood, and having spent her formative years fantasizing, sketching and playing the piano, Krista has acquired plenty of life experience for inspiration. So, this exhibit will surely reflect her love of daydreaming and nature, and will not only impress the gallery visitors, but also the art critics.

Gallery 1988 San Fransisco
1173 Stutter St.
San Fransisco, California

Source:Plastic and Plush


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