Knuckle’s ‘Weird monster hand of S”K”UM-kun’

Posted by collect3d, February 2nd, 2010

ZacPack WeirdHand img 2 Knuckles Weird monster hand of SKUM kun

Knuckle designed this ‘Weird monster hand of S”K”UM-kun’, for Japan-based ZacPac. Apparently, this rad, yet strange hand was based on S”K”UM-kun character, Jim Philips’s screaming hand illustration, and the bandanna trends of the band Suicidal Tendencies. Weird monster hand of S”K”UM-kun will be launched in four colorways: colorful, ivory, red and black, starting February 6th, 2010 via ZacPacZacpac’s Daikanyama.

Source: Toysrevil


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