Kidrobot Announces Frank Kozik ‘KidMutant’ Collaboration

Posted by collect3d, February 22nd, 2010

kidmutant img 1 Kidrobot Announces Frank Kozik KidMutant Collaboration

Kidrobot announced earlier today that it is to release an awesome new ‘KidMutant’ collaboration with the one-and-only Frank Kozik. After being exposed to harmful radiation, Kidrobot has emerged as a green, three-eyed beastie with tentacle arms no-less. Only 1000 pieces of this limited edition 8-inch figure will be available worldwide and it comes with a one-eyed, three-eared, six-legged mutant smorkin’ Labbit. Due date is March 18th, 2010 so be on the lookout at your local supplier of via

Source: KRonikle


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