Kat Brunnegraff’s ‘Drabble’ Figurine

Posted by collect3d, January 11th, 2010

Kat brunnegraffs new 2010 design full body Kat Brunnegraffs Drabble Figurine

Kat Brunnegraff is a 25-year-old illustrator who loves to explore painting and custom vinyls. The Ohio-based artist has impressed us with this 5-inch MadL custom, which she created with acrylics. Kat named this little dragon ‘Drabble’, and has textured him with shades of soft magenta, violet and blue-toned hues. Drabble’s intricate details include spots, fur, wings and pointy teeth and surely will make him the coolest arrival in your fairytale kingdom!

Source: Tomopop


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