Jessica Fortner ‘UFO Burger’

Posted by collect3d, March 2nd, 2010

JessicaFortner UFOBurger IMG1 Jessica Fortner UFO Burger

Rectangular hamburgers. French fries that come in a sheet. This is the imaginative future of food production and consumption that Toronto artist Jessica Fortner has envisioned with her ‘UFO Burger’ character. Crafted by hand, ‘UFO Burger’ features a mixture of playful cartoon-like accessories in combination with the stark realism of the patron’s face; with his thick jowls and multiple chins, one can appreciate that Fortner’s piece has a message behind it. You are what you eat.


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  1. Anthony says:

    wow, that’s pretty cool.

    Are those edible? Although the guy looks pretty fugly.

  2. Ajani says:


    Definitely like a three-dimensional cartoon.

    So animated.

    Very well-executed.

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