Jeremy Mayer’s Nude IV Typewriter Sculpture

Posted by collect3d, February 3rd, 2010

JeremyMayer NudeIV Typewriter Sculpture img 1 Jeremy Mayers Nude IV Typewriter Sculpture

Jeremy Mayer, a 37-year-old artist from Oakland, California, spent 1,400 hours in front of the typewriter to build this sensual ‘Nude IV’ aka Delilah – a 6-foot-tall sculpture constructed from vintage typewriter parts. For this incredible undertaking, Mayer used the mechanical parts from 50 different typewriters, and drew inspiration from Brent Clifford’s paintings, which depict sexy robot women without vulgarity. Moreover, the neatest aspect of Jeremy’s sculpture is his brilliant use of the typewriter parts. He managed to assemble Delilah — whose name is taken from the Bible story of Samson and Delilah, and coincidentally the model who posed for this project, too — without the use of solder, welding, glue or wire-wrapping. We at definitely appreciate all the time he invested and sincerely hope the veteran of 15 years will continue to create such brilliant sculptures in the future…

Source: Wired


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