Jamungo x Ferg ‘Doctor’ Squadt Sneak Peek

Posted by collect3d, December 23rd, 2009

Jamungo x Ferg x Playge Doctor Squadt Sneak Peek Jamungo x Ferg Doctor Squadt Sneak Peek

Jamungo‘s Squadt toys keep coming, and this sneak peek at the upcoming ‘Doctor’ toy designed by Ferg. The hoodie featured is just a test piece and won’t appear on the final version. The beak-shaped-mask is amazing, and definitely inspired by the plague doctors that worked during the outbreaks of Black Death during the medieval era. The bird-like masks were stuffed with powerful herbs to try and cover up the stench of death, and stop bad air, which was thought to cause infection. Creepy.

Source: SpankyStokes


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