James Lassey x DouDouPop’s ‘Poulpy’ Plush

Posted by collect3d, January 20th, 2010

JamesLassey Doudoupop img 7 James Lassey x DouDouPops Poulpy Plush

The French-based artist Jesse Lassey, drops these new versions of the DouDouPop ‘Poulpy,’ by working alongside the infant toy company DouDoupop. This storm themed series of five, 14.5-inched raindrops, is available in various color options, with each plush decorated with a thunderbolt. Best of all, Poulpy’s are made of the same natural rubber used on baby bottles, so if your little one chews on them, you won’t have to panic. Get these Poulpy’s via DouDouPop

Source: Toysrevil


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