Hot Toys’ 1/6 Scale Bruce Lee Action Figure

Posted by collect3d, July 29th, 2010

HotToys EntertheDragon BruceLee PR3 550x Hot Toys 1/6 Scale Bruce Lee Action Figure

Hot Toys continues to impress the toy world with their amazing life-like action figures. A couple weeks ago we posted news about Enterbay’s Bruce Lee Figure, but now there is another one by Hot Toys that will make it a tough decision for many of us. This figure is 1/6 scale like the Enterbay one, no information on release date or pricing yet though. The accessories are what sets this one apart from the other, it comes with 2 heads, 2 shoes, 2 costumes, nunchucks, 3 rods, 1 snake, 1 bag, 3 movie backdrops, and 14 different sets of hands.

Source: Tomopop


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