Horrorwood Démons De Papier

Posted by collect3d, March 1st, 2010

paper demon img 1 Horrorwood Démons De Papier

Giving a whole new face to contemporary origami, here’s a peek at Horrorwood‘s latest pursuit. Designer Jack Hankins enlisted four French artists to customize these cool paper figures. The artistic visions of Jerom, Fasmer, Tougui and Guillain the Vilain come to life with Horrorwood’s Démons De Papier. Inter-connecting backdrops are included with each figure, allowing them to be displayed in its own monstrous environment, or all four to co-exist in a demonic diorama. The best part about these Horrorwood’s Démons De Papier is that you can download them for free here.

paper demon img 2 Horrorwood Démons De Papier


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