Holly Stanway Rocks The Polka-dot Plush Dunny

Posted by collect3d, March 17th, 2010

HolyStanway Polkadot Plush Dunny img 1 Holly Stanway Rocks The Polka dot Plush Dunny

This is some hot custom work from Holly Stanway over at A Little Stranger; her 6-inch plush Dunny features a great polka-dot pattern all-over and has subtle embellishments that finish the design off marvelously. Deserving extra special mention are the lace details and cameo on the Dunny’s chest. Also worth noting is that the plush Dunny is for a private collector; and is therefore not for sale. Sorry guys…


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  1. nadine says:

    hi i was just wondered would i be able to make one of these for my son without getting intoany trouble your work is amazing im hoping mine turns out at least half as good as yours x

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