Hipster Paper Foldable #6: ‘Stache Box

Posted by collect3d, April 21st, 2010

Hipster Paper Foldable 6 Stache Box 01 Hipster Paper Foldable #6: Stache Box

Paper Foldables has released the sixth of its Hipster Paper Foldables, and this one’s called Stache Box. God, don’t you get it? He’s wearing that mustache ironically, okay? Like, why don’t you go listen to some MGMT (whose first album was way better) or whatever, while I sit here and judge you for not going over to FREEwilliamsburg and downloading this great toy already.


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  1. lineapelle says:

    wow! super cool!

  2. Bryan. says:

    IRONICALLY, I designed this Paper Foldable while listening to the new MGMT the whole time and I love it! Thanks for the post!

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