Gup Gups

Posted by collect3d, July 2nd, 2010

Gup Gups 01 Gup Gups

Sometimes the best thing about working at Collect3d is finding out about new upcoming toy designs, like these Gup Gups, two playful new toys! Vinyl pieces by parters Nicholas Tay and Andy Tang, the Gup Gups are inspired by the belief shared by Buddhists and Shintoists, that all things in nature are imbued with spirit. At release, there will be a friendly Gup Gup piece, and darker Nemesis figure available. The Gup Gups will become available on July 10th, available in three inch variants, as well as a fifteen inch blank DIY variant.

Stay abreast of future Gup Gups developments by checking out the team’s blog which is loaded with great content over here.


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