GS Design ’400 Costumes To Die For’ Dice Pack

Posted by collect3d, March 15th, 2010

GSDesign 400CostumestoDieFor dice img 1 GS Design 400 Costumes To Die For Dice Pack

GS Design created the ’400 Costumes To Die For’ dice pack as an annual self-promotional project for 2009. The premise for the two custom-made, 20-sided dice is to help users decide what to be for Halloween; the choices range from Zombie Elvis, Kung-fu Jesus, M.C. Mollusk and more. Each 400 Costumes To Die For set comes packaged in an illustrated tube that rotates to line-up the heads on different bodies, and the instructions are printed as one-color paper labels and affixed to inside of the lid.

Source: The Die Line


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