Glenda Rolle’s Pesticide Dolls

Posted by collect3d, October 14th, 2009

Glenda Rolles Pesticide Dolls Glenda Rolles Pesticide Dolls

Artist and designer Glenda Rolle has crafted these ultra-spooky Pesticide Dolls to give you never-ending fits of terror. What is it with the recent onslaught of really cool, ultra-creepy toys and dolls? Is it just because Halloween’s coming on? Regardless, the Pesticide Doll is filled with blood red sand, and a few exposed screws and wires, because they were clearly too cuddly without them. If you’d like a Pesticide Doll for yourself – or maybe if you just want to leave one at the foot of your roommate’s bed for when they wake up – they’re available here.

Source: SpankyStokes


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