Frank Kozik x Muttpop Tequilla ‘Ocran Ocinatas’ Collaboration

Posted by collect3d, January 28th, 2010

FrankKozik Muttpop TequillaOcran img 3 Frank Kozik x Muttpop Tequilla Ocran Ocinatas Collaboration

Frank Kozik has once again collaborated with Muttpop, resulting in this Mexican-fiesta-lovin’ figure dubbed ‘Tequilla Ocran Ocinatas.’ The figure’s name, Orcan Ocinatas is racy in itself, as it spells Narco Satanico backwards, reminding us of Frank Zozik’s previous rockin’ creation, ‘El Brujo Narco Satanico.’ With its threatening red eyes, rotating head, and the many tattoos, slightly hidden by the removable pancho, Tequilla Ocran Ocinatas has a hardcore reputation. Only 500 pieces were created so look out for them at your local dealer, or online…

Source: DKE Toys


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