Droppixel’s Custom Dunnys

Posted by collect3d, January 6th, 2010

Dropixxel custom Dunnys Droppixels Custom Dunnys

The artist Ryan Minard a.k.a Droppixel has been working on a new Dunny customization project. On his blog, Ryan previewed his new figurine customs, featuring three hand painted, vinyl bunny creatures. We love the details on their bellies like the green money, the fire and gray tone shading, but also the burned ears on the red Dunny. Although Ryan is still playing around with face expressions (his green Dunny was inspired by jealousy), and hasn’t yet determined the size of the final release, we’re excited enough just to see this batch. And the best part is that Droppixel is open about each step of the artistic process, constantly updating his blog with progress!

Source: SpankyStokes


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  1. droppixel says:

    Hey! Just came across this, thanks for the post. Yes for anyone that is interested check out the blog I will do my best to keep that updated as I go.

    Right now I am looking at doing a total run of 6 with one being a mystery design.

    Thanks again!

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