DIY Mad*L Re-Release

Posted by collect3d, July 28th, 2010

DIY MadL Re Release DIY Mad*L Re Release

MAD is re-releasing his 10 inch DIY Mad*L! One of the most popular, versatile and useful blank platforms available, there’s no word yet on general availability but DKE Toys is listing an MSRP of $50 for a case of six.


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  1. droppixel says:

    $50 for 6 sounds a bit too good to be true…

  2. collect3d says:

    That’s just the MSRP we’ve been told – we’re not sure how much your local toy store might actually charge…

  3. droppixel says:

    Yeah – $50 for 6 would be AWESOME!

  4. MAD says:

    They are $50 each retail. A case of 6 is $300. Each case comes with a GID chase.

  5. MAD says:

    The MSRP is $50 per figure. They come packed in a case of 6, so retail for a full case would be around $300…

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