‘Custom Tea Tour’ U.K Stops

Posted by collect3d, January 28th, 2010

Custom Tea Tour img 3 Custom Tea Tour U.K Stops

There’s a huge ‘Custom Tea Tour’ crashing the streets of the United Kingdom at the moment. Started back in August 2009, the Custom Tea Tour was set-up to celebrate Matt Jones‘ new tea-toys. On this tour you can admire Matt’s newest tea-set characters and customizations from renowned artists such as Jon Burgerman, James Marr and even Sneaky Racoon. If you’re lucky enough, you may get to meet-and-greet Matt Jones, who will stop by at each tour-stop for one day. Custom Tea Tour is currently underway with its next stop being on February 13-21th, 2010 at Ik‚Äôsentrik Store in Bath, UK…

Source: funkydustworld


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