Cris Rose ‘Monty the Lumberjack’ Bramble Custom

Posted by collect3d, November 13th, 2009

MontytheLumberjack DeepForest Bramble img 1 Cris Rose Monty the Lumberjack Bramble Custom

Today seems to be all about amazing customs, and this bad-ass Bramble by Cris Rose is no different. Affectionately known as Monty the Lumberjack, this giant robot custom is part of the Deep Forest team of ‘Freed World War Robots.’ Monty is gun-totting bot who was rescued from the front, rebuilt and reprogrammed to “fight for a noble cause or live a quiet, helpful existence…” This choice is ultimately up to the robot to decide. Thankfully, Monty choose to patrol and manage the forests deemed too inaccessible and dangerous for standard woodcutting. Hence his need for a Gatling gun, which is used to “scare off large animals or cut down giant trees!”

Source: Toybot Studios


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  2. Platoonan says:

    Haha! Came across this randomly on a google image search. Awesome robot, got me thinking this is what Warhammer 40k Ork dreadnoughts ( sorry, Killer Cans) should look like. Brilliant

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