Coarse Toys Announce Jaws ‘Pain’ Edition

Posted by collect3d, September 23rd, 2009

coarse pain jaws img 4 Coarse Toys Announce Jaws Pain Edition

Coarse Toys announce Jaws ‘Pain’ edition set for release in October. The revised edition comes in two outstanding versions: ‘Signature’ and ‘HKG.’ The Signature model features the noop and his shark crown with bloodmelt running down the noop’s chin and is packaged in a deluxe hand-wrapped paper box, resting on black sponge and closed with a silkscreen-printed transparent sleeve.¬†Expect this version in stores as of mid-October.

The HKG model, limited to 100 pieces, shows noop with his shark crown and bloodlines draining down the side of the noop’s face. The HKG version is packed in a wooden teeth box, closed with a woven elasticband, and includes a numbered and signed silkscreen print (in 5 colors). The bloodsplatter is individually hand-painted onto the print by the coarse artists.


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