Christian Waggoner’s Boba Print

Posted by collect3d, April 16th, 2010

Christian Waggoners Boba Print 01 Christian Waggoners Boba Print

He’s the most feared bounty hunter of all time, and now Boba Fett‘s been rendered as a limited edition print by Christian Waggoner and released through Sideshow. Famous for tracking down Han Solo and the other refugees from the fall of Echo Base, Boba Fett was handsomely rewarded by Darth Vader for his efforts – and as icing on the cake, he was also given Han Solo, frozen in carbonite, so he could collect another bounty placed on the smuggler by Jabba the Hutt. Who knows what this fearsome Mandalorian is contemplating, as he stares at Solo’s frozen body? If you want to spend time figuring that out one-on-one, Sideshow is offering pre-orders on these limited edition prints.


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  1. Miller says:

    I was lucky enough to find the canvas 2/95 . It was around $365 I found it at d-street in downtown disney.

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